Circuit boards PCB screw feed machine robotic screwdriving systems

Model: WT-5023-2Z

Product description:
Robotic screwdriving systems greatly improves the work efficiency and the screw fastening consistancy & reliability. With the advanced Teaching Pendant, operators can set up by themselves all the process parameters such as the screw coordinate and screw types, etc. It can adapt to all sorts of difficult screw fastening process and achieve the complete automation.

Product Detail

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1. Back-to-Back type cantighten two different screws on the same product on the same Y axis, so as to achieve extremely fast and efficient work mode.
2. The screws feed to the screwdriver bit directly one by one through a tube, to achieve extremely fast feeding and screwing.
3. The operator can use manual positioning to do the programming. It is highly efficient and very easy to learn the operation.
4. Servo Motor or Electric Screwdriver are optional. Both of them can adjust the torque and rotation speed freely.
5. Double Y-axis platform, with left and right locking screws
6. With intelligent inspection function, inspection miss locked,unstable locked,loose screw and so on.


Model WT-5023-2Z
Operating Range (X * Y * Z) X230 * Y1/500  * Z135mm  /  X230 * Y2/500  * Z135mm
Movement Speed X/Y Axis: ≤500mm/s,  Z Axis: ≤300mm/s
Repeatability  Accuracy  ±0.03mm
Screwing time for each screw 0.8~1.2s /piece
Suitable screw size M1.5 – M4 (total screw length ≤ 16mm)
Control system SCM + Touch Screen
Program capacity 15 files, each file can save up to 99 points
Air source 0.4 -0.6 Mpa
Dimensions (WxDxH) 950 x 720 x 900mm
Weight about 100 kgs

Main configuration
●Double Y-axis working platform , aluminum profilemodule structure
●Manual type teaching programmable controller issimple and easy to usee
●Japan imported HIOS electric screwdriver for accuratelock payment.
●Z axis screw , laiwan silver guide rail
●Closed loop servo motor




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