Copper Soldering Iron Tips with 500 series

Model No : 500 series

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Soldering Tips For 205H Soldering Station
1.The Soldering Iron Tips' Raw Material Is Oxygen-Free Copper Production, Fast Heat Conduction.
2.High Quality,Solder Fluent,Long Life Span.
3.Lead Free Soldering Tips,Environmental Friendly.
4.Various Types And Models Available.
5.Silvery Or Black Chromium Optional.
6.Oem Soldering Tips.

Quick500 (8)

Quick500 (1)

Quick500 (7)

Quick500 (4)

1.Variety types with precise dimensions.
2. Long service lifespan.
3.Easy to plate tin.
4.Not easy to be oxidizing.
5.Various types and models soldering iron tips available.
6.Timely delivery.

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Product Name 500 series
Material Oxygen free copper
Color Sliver
Certificate RoHs SGS
Type Automatic soldering machine use
Weight 20g/pc
Features Fast Heat Conduction,Environmental friendly
Welding life span Long life time
Application Soldering robot or soldering station
Overseas marked proved Asia, Middle East, etc

Quick500 (2)

1.Material adopts imported oxygen free copper as raw material, accurate shape processing size, fast heat conduction
2.It is smooth and steady, and the solder joints are smooth and uniform after welding
3.The shape is made with special machinery and technology, and the size is accurate
4.Smooth tin, lead-free welding, long life
5.Electroplating using advanced nano-technlogy, with super anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation
6.Multiple joint selection to meet different work requirements

Soldering Tip Process
Copper: Copper is the main material, the thermal conductivity is excellent
Iron: It has anti-corrosion effect, which is a key factor affecting the service life of soldering iron head
Nickel: It plays the role of antirust in the iron plating and is convenient for chromium plating
Chromium: Non sticky tin, To prevent tin from running on the body of a soldering iron, the temperature in the rear of the iron head must be higher than that in the front, so chromium plating can effectively prevent tin climbing
It adopts refined copper as the main material, excellent thermal conductivity, special iron plating process, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation and long life.

OEM & ODM Services
We can offer OEM & ODM services.  Welcome to talk with us in details.

Packing & Delivery
Item: 900 M series Hakko Soldering Tips, Knife Soldering Tip
Weight: About 1 kg
Delivery: About 5-7 days
Port: Shen Zhen
Shipment: A.By Courier: 4-7 Working days by special offer
B.By Air: 7 Working days at appointed airport
C.C.By Sea: 25-30 Working days at appointed port

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