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Model No.: Economic Stainless Steel Tweezers
The most popular tweezers are also available in economical version at a very competitive price. Made in Asia and re-worked for a consistent performance, Economy Tweezers are made from low carbon austenitic steel.
Available in different models to suit different applications, including slim and extra-slim, with straight, curved, smooth or sharp tips, economy tweezers are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, salts and acids. These characteristics make them essential to work in hard environment, where corrosion resistance and toughness are primary requirements. Economic Stainless Steel Tweezers are used in electronic industry, laboratory and general applications in medical device industry.

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The tweezers do not contain any toxic chemical compound and is not hazardous to human health.
Handle tiny objects with control and precision. These fine point tweezers provide a light touch for electrical, soldering, jewelry, glass art and other applications. This set of tweezers is perfect for technicians as well as hobbyists.

Technical Details


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1.Strong and durable, not easy to deform.
2.Fine craft, anticorrosive without rust.
3.The tweezers head is pointed, suitable for changing precision parts in small space.
4.The tail of the tweezer is soldered firmly which good for holding well
5.The plastic protective cap protects the tweezer head from damage and prevents the staff to be accidental injuried
6.PVC plastic packaging shell, easy for storage which can protect tweezer more clean.
7.The appearance of smooth lines, fine processing;
8.anti magnetic acid;

Application :
1.Can be sued for eyelash grafting,manicure stick drill, mobile phone repair, Clamp electronic components, install and replace parts, etc.
2.can help us to fix all kinds of small parts that need to be bonded during model making.
3.Used for collecting stamps, paper money and other fields.
4.Economic tweezers ideal for servicing and repair of jewelry, electronic components or hobby items. These non-magnetic, stainless steel tweezers are offered to you at exceptional values without compromising quality.

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