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Model No.: Ceramic Tip Tweezers
Ceramic Tipped Tweezers insulate the passage of electricity and heat, are very hard tipped, however the tips are very brittle due to their ceramic construction. Ceramic tipped tweezrs are specifically designed for hight temperature soldering applications without the risk of metal contamination. Ceramic Tweezers are best suited for working with acids (except HF), for SDM, solders pot, and high temperature exposure with minimal heat transfer.

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They are ideal for applications requiring soft non-metal tweezers that won't scratch or mar wires or components. Conductive plastic tweezers also called Semiconductor tweezers,conductive tweezers,high quality ,durable, this type tweezers suitable for the semiconductor ,IC ,and other precision electronic components production use. To cooperate welding of the integrated circuits,as well as the installation and replace parts ect.

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Heat resistance









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1.High heat resistance and can withstand high temperature.
2.Tweezers with long service life can work for a long time without crack.
3.High quality stainless steel handle is rust proof and acid proof.
4.Zirconia ceramic is more resistant to higher temperatures and harsher environments than metal and plastic tweezers.
5.Possesses relatively low density; no open porosity.
6.Offers a very hard surface with good abrasion and wear resistance.
7.Has good flexural strength and fracture toughness.
8.Excellent thermal properties and high temperature stability.
9.Extreme corrosion resistance, nearly chemically inert.
10.Electrically insulating.

Application :
1.With its high precision, the tweezers are widely used in labs, microelectronics, computer, clock, chemistry and clean rooms.
2.For the production of our EMS precision tools, we have chosen an uniquely advanced ceramic compound--- Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA). It was chosen due to its fracture toughness and its high flexural strength.

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