hakko t18 soldering tips and custom soldering iron tips

Model No :  T18 series

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Place of origin Shen Zhen, China
Model Number T18 series
Product Name Soldering Iron tip
Usage Soldering station
Material Free oxigent copper
Packing 10pcs/bag
Color Silver
Application Soldering station/hand piece
Temperature 0-500℃
Certification Rosh SGS
Product size 40mm
Suitable for FX 888 soldering station

weller LT  (3)

weller LT(4)

1.Using refined copper as the main material, excellent thermal conductivity
2.Special iron plating process, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and long life
3.Very strong wettability, ductility, easy soldering, round solder joints
4.Scientific and strict chemical inspection, balanced inductance and stable quality
5.Lead-free materials. Lead-free environment manufacturing, to ensure compliance with lead-free process requirements

T18 (2)

Product details:
Tip plated: which makes it easy to apply tin during soldering and effectively prevents
Pure oxygen-free copper: Good thermal conductivity, environmental protection and lead-free
Tin plated: more durable, non-oxidizing, and long life
Lead-free plating layer: Dense plating layer, long life
Special processing: Use special machine processing , Accurate size

weller LT  (2)

Usage of Soldering Iron Tips
1.PCB precision component welding, Accurate size, quality assurance
2.Power motor welding, personalized customization to improve welding quality
3.LED lights Pin header welding, smooth welding, bid farewell to virtual welding
4.Copper foil shielding cover welding, rapid heating, stable temperature

Simple Instructions for use
1.Clean the solder slag on the tip before welding
2.Soldering and welding
3.No need to clean the tip, put it back into the soldering iron stand
4.Clean the solder slag on the tip before welding
5.Soldering and welding
6.No need to clean the tip, put it back into the soldering iron stand

OEM & ODM Services
We can offer OEM & ODM services.  Welcome to talk with us in details.

Q: Are you a factory or trading Company?
A: Yes, we have factory in Huizhou city.

Q: Can you do OEM or ODM?
A: Yes, we can provide OEM & ODM services.
Q:What's your payment terms?
A: Normally we can work on T/T ,VISA ,Mastercard ,West Union, Paypal.

Q: What about the delivery time?
A : Normally 1-2 days for stock items. Regular orders takes about 7-15 days.

Q: Can I visit your factory before order?
A: Yes, welcome to visit our factory. About one hour from Shenzhen Airport.

Q: Can you provide sample before a regular order?
A: Sure, we can provide samples free of charge.

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