JBC Soldering tip for C245 Series Conical Soldering Tip

Model No : JBC series

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We are a specialized manufacturer of Soldering Tips in China. Established in 2003 , we have been serving electronic assembly industry in China and worldwide for over a decade.
We make a wide range of replacement tips to fit different brand soldering stations and soldering robots.
Our soldering tips fit jbc soldering tips  are getting popular in many countries in the world, due to our good quality and good pricing.


Lead free copper soldering tips


SGS, Rohs

Tip Type

2245-2245 - 030, 032, 036, 037, 001, 057, 003, 043, 033

Temperature reduction

50°C lowering the temperature reduces the risk of damaging components


jbc's technology heating element


for jbc soldering stations, jbc soldering iron


1pc/bag, 100pcs/pack


jbc (3)

jbc (5)

jbc (12)

jbc (11)

jbc (10)

jbc (9)

jbc (6)

jbc (7)

1.JBC’s innovative technology allows a reduction of the soldering temperature by as least 50 degree. Lowering the temperature reduces the risk of damaging components and improves the quality of soldering
2.Excellent heat transfer, the compact element reduces thermal barriers
3.A fully integrated thermal sensor to the heater ensures a quick temperature recovery
4.JBC cartridges have an extended tip life, which lasts up to 5 times longer than tips of other brands.

jbc (4)

OEM & ODM Services
We can offer OEM & ODM services.  Welcome to talk with us in details.

1. Soldering at lower temps
50°C lower than other brands
2. Fast temp recovery
350°C in 2 seconds
3. Tip life x5 times
Using Sleep & Hibernation features
4. Quick and Easy cartridge extraction
Save time and increase your productivity
5. Seven different tools
Control unit allows 7-tool change
6. Over 400 cartridges
Tailor made models
7. Ergonomic and comfortable to
Short tip-to-grip
8. Friendly menu to personalize
More than 20 parameters and counters
9. Constant product innovation
Meeting customers’ soldering needs
10. Communication Station-PC
Manage your work remotely

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