Large Flow Manual Glue Filling Machine 2600ML Silicone Glue Dispensing Machine

Model No.: WT-2600ML Silicone Glue Dispensing Machine


The silicone glue dispensing machine is fast,steady,effective working by Manual. It can save a lot of glue and labor costs. The application for Silicone glue, Silicone compound,RTV silicone sealant,Electrically conductive grease,Thermal grease Paste,and Silicone oil etc.It is very convenient and easy to exchange glue, just put the whole package 2600ml glue into the 2600ml tank.

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Product Detail:

The glue machine is compact in design and easy to operation and maintenance.Glue dispensing valve has the function of glue dragging up, out-gluing and glue-stopping fast.The glue without dropping or wire-drawing when you close the valve.

2600ml (1)
2600ml (3)
2600ml (5)

Technical Details:



Glue Frequency


Working Pressure


Air Source

Air compressor

Dispensing Valve

Precision single liquid glue valve

Material Pressure:


Pressure buckle:

2600ml Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Application Glue:

 Silicone/Silicone Grease/Thermal Grease/Silicone Oil

Standard Package


MIN Out-gluing rate


 Carbon Steel Glue Machine
Silicone Glue Dispensing Machine Features:
1. This machine is a special glue machine for 2600ML packaging, which is 8 times the capacity of the traditional 300ML package. It is characterized by continuous operation on the production line, quick and convenient replacement of glue, low waste rate, saving a lot of labor costs and packaging material cost.2. The pressure barrel of this machine adopts seamless carbon steel material, and the safety is superior to other materials.

3. The product feeding port adopts large-diameter steel pipe to send glue (common iron pipe is easy to rust on the market), and the rubber hose is made of special custom-made imported compound anti-oxidation hose, corrosion-resistant and pressure-resistant.Not easy to break, flexible than ordinary hose;

4. The lid of the bucket is a custom-made joint structure for our mold opening. It is safer than the aluminum bucket lid of the home. The thickness of the pressure bucket is thickened to 5-6MM, and the anti-riot barrel rubber base and the outer cylinder are installed, which greatly enhances the force. The safety and reliability of the container.

5. The machine is equipped with famous brand pneumatic components, with low repair rate and more reliable quality.

6. The machine is equipped with automatic pressure relief function. When the air pressure is greater than 7KG, the pressure tank will automatically relieve pressure.

7. It is equipped with our special back-suction type large-capacity silicone professional dispensing valve, which adopts Japanese imported material seals, anti-pressure, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, quick-release, fast-breaking, and designed mechanical devices. After the glue is closed, the capacity will not be drawn.

8.The control switch can be manually or pedaled according to the operation requirements. The standard is manual switch, and the operation is more user-friendly.

Silicone Glue Machine Application:
It is suitable for glue dispensing, fluid control, chemical production and processing of single component 2600ml packing with good fluidity of silica gel, semi-flowing silica gel, sealed silicone grease, heat dissipating cream, silicone oil and so on.

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