Multi-axis adsorption screwing robot toy screw fastening machine

Model: WT-4220-2Z


Product description:
Multi-axis adsorption screwing robot can Solve large, medium and small businesses artificially shortages, production efficiency, low labor and material consumptions cost increase, management and so on many substantive issues.

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1. Double Y Axis can use two different screws (or the same screws), so as to achieve highly efficient work mode.
2. Vacuum suction type, to achieve fast feeding and screwing.
3. Wide universality, small in size, can cooperate with production line, convenient for product replacement.
4. With intelligent inspection function, inspection miss locked,unstable locked,loose screw and so on.
5. The Y axis can be made into double-station(that is, double Y axis),so the operator can load alternately.


Model WT-4220-2Z
Operating Range (X * Y * Y * Z) X200 * Y1/420  * Z135mm  /  X200 *Y2/420 * Z135mm
Movement Speed X/Y Axis: ≤500mm/s,  Z Axis: ≤300mm/s
Repeatability  Accuracy  ±0.03mm
Screwing time for each screw 1.0~1.5s /piece
Suitable screw size M1.0 – M4 (total screw length ≤ 16mm)
Control system SCM + Touch Screen
Program capacity 15 files, each file can save up to 99 points
Air source 0.4 -0.6 Mpa
Dimensions (WxDxH) 970 x 820 x 900mm
Weight about 100 kgs


1. High efficiency: multiple axis lock at the same time, 10 screws can be fastens in one screw’s period, saving lots of artificial, suitable for mass production.
2. High fastening standard: all screws are fastening in one torque at the same time, making sure of the sealing and balance of the product, greatly increase the qualified rate of products.
3. Deep hole fastening: the fastening of deep hole screw has inconvenience in observing the hole site, so artificial fastening has low efficiency, while multi-axis screw fastening machine locates and fastens screws accurately.
4. Good image: Iintelligent automatic equipment presents a new appearance of production line in factories,which helps enterprises establish a image of high technology
5. Customization: Robot can be customized based on customers' requirements on products assembly.




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