New Economic Small Fume Extractor For Solder Fumes,Laser Fumes

Model No.: SE-80



This mini FumeGo fume extractor are mainly used to eliminate the smoke and dust generated during the soldering process in electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing,etc.It is the best solution to remove such harmful substances, like hydrocarbon and cyanide etc.With freestanding fume extractor arms and the 3 different air flow speeds to significantly improve the working environment.

Product Detail

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The lightweight fume extractor with the wheels are easy to move.It can also put on table or desk, it is very convenience and flexible.The 95% filtering efficiency for 0.3 micron particles,and the economical low cost filter replacement is very popular and praised by users.

Technical Details

Model SE-80 SE-180
Power 80W 150W
Noise 59 dB 66 dB
Systemic Flow 210 m3/h 330m3/h
Air Velocity 17 m/s 2 x 13.5 m/s
Filter Size 265/240 x 265/240 x 205mm 305/280 x 305/280 x 205mm
Gross Weight 10.1kg 13.7kg
Cabinet Dimensions 265 x 265 x 383mm 305 x 305 x 393mm
Package Dimensions 48 x 36 x 50cm 56 x 39 x 52mm
Filtering Efficiency 0.3um 99.97%
Electrical 110V / 220V
Filter Layer 3 in 1 filter cartridge
Remote Control Not Included
Arm Dimension Diameter 65mm x Length 120cm
Packing List Main Unit:  1 piece
Power Cord: 1 piece
Arm & nozzle: 1 set
Operation Instruction: 1 piece
3in1 Filter cartridge: 1pc already inside machine


1. New economic version, lower cost fume extractor;
2. Small size, but with bigger filtering capacity;
3. With 3-in-1 filter cartridge, easy to manage the filter replacement;
4. 360d degree filtering design increases the dirt holding capacity by two times;
5. DC frequency conversion motor, intelligent and energy-saving, with a life-span as long as 40K hours.



Our fume extractors are widely used for eliminating solder fumes, laser fumes, welding fumes, beauty salon fumes and medical fumes, 3D printing fumes, etc. This mini fume extractor especially for purifying manual soldering fumes, solder pot fumes, soldering robot fumes, laser marking fumes, beauty salon fumes.




Additional Information

Available Filter Efficiencies Pre Filter
For filtering big partiles of above 50 microns
Middle Filter
For particles above 0.3microns, its filtering efficiency reaches 99.97%.
Main Filter
For filtering dust particles above 0.3microns, filtering efficiency reaches 99.97%,
For filtering hazardous gases, its filtering efficiency reaches above 95%;
Filter Replacement Period 3 in 1 filter cartridge: 2 month ~ 6 monthsHowever, it can be adjusted as per the exact pollutants generated in different Environment;

Good Quality

Our products go from design to production to final product. Each working procedure is strictly controlled, we make really effective fume extractors only. The filtering efficiency of our fume extractors has reached the highest standard in the world.

No Production Process No Production Process No Production Process
1 rty
Raw Materials
2 utyuty
Laser Cutting
3 tyutyu
Assembly Parts
4 bcvxbvc
Laser Marking
5 vcghd
6 utyur
Aging Test
7 terter
QA Function Check
8 ytreytr
9 grtert
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