Quick 200 Soldering Tips and Replacement Soldering Tips

Model No : 200 series

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Place of origin Shen Zhen, China
Model Number 200 series
Product Name Soldering Iron tip
Usage Soldering station
Material Free oxigent copper
Packing 10pcs/bag
Color Silver
Brand Waterun
Certification Rosh SGS

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●  Soldering is one of the largest manufacturers of soldering tools and desoldering equipments in China.
●  soldering tools adopt High Frequency Current Heating design, which ensures fast heating and excellent soldering efficiency.
● Sensor design close to the tip, accurate temperature, rapid thermal recovery.
● Separate design of soldering tip, sensor and heater, low cost of replacing spare parts.

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Our Advantage:
Fully reinforced, Quality, guarantee powerful selling. System, warranty service.
Domestic offices: Shen Zhen
Overseas offices: Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia.

1.Since the melting of the solder temperature to 300 degree, do not touch the skin. After use, please note that the soldering iron will remain high temperature, in the event of scalding, please seek doctor immediately
2.Inhalation of smoke or steam in the case of direct inhalation, and prolonged inhalation, which may cause headaches and other health problems. Inhalation will be one of the causes of pulmonary edema
3.When welding, please note that the flux will cause inflammation on the skin, Please rinse quickly with water, if enter the eye, please wash with water immediately, or seek doctor

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Packing & Delivery
Item: 900 M series Hakko Soldering Tips, Knife Soldering Tip
Weight: About 1 kg
Delivery: About 5-7 days
Port: Shen Zhen
Shipment: A.By Courier: 4-7 Working days by special offer
B.By Air: 7 Working days at appointed airport
C.C.By Sea: 25-30 Working days at appointed port

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