Weller soldering iron tips for Chisel Soldering Tip

Model No : WELLER series

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Place of Origin China
Brand Name Waterun
Model Number LT, XT, ET, LHT series
Key Words Weller Solder tips
MOQ 100pcs
Lead time 10 days.

Product description:
LT series: Applicable for WSP/80 WP 80 Soldering pencil. Approved heating technology with effective heat transfer, For all purpose industrial applications, a wide range of soldering tips are available
XT series: Applicable for WXP 120/ WP 12 soldering pencil. All-rounder with 120 watts. For soldering applications from small to large components with higher heat demand.
ET series: Applicable for PES51 Soldering pencil. Designed for continuous production. Rework. And repair of through hole, SMT boards, most ground planes. And multi-layer boards.
LHT series: Applicable for WSP150 Heavy Duty Soldering Pencil. This heavy duty 150W / 24V soldering pencil is used for jobs with extremely with heat requirements and large heat sinks.


weller (2)

weller (6)

weller LT(4)

weller LT  (5)

1.Weller soldering tips are designed at Weller German R&D Center to meet the very latest requirements of the market
2.Weller’s soldering tip and heater form a unit and therefore a perfect heating system to produce high quality solder joints. Combined with the right soldering iron to form the perfect tool
3.Every Weller tip is designed for a specific soldering application
4.Every Weller tip is designed to achieve excellent heat transfer and fast recovery time. So as to ensure perfect solder results

Application :
Use Note1: try to tip in the normal temperature range, as far as soldering, extend tip life.
Use Note2: After a period of time soldering tip, the surface oxide layer will appear, it is recommended to use special tools to remove, otherwise will cause the phenomenon do not de-soldering  tin, tip do not de-soldering tin, with 80% of the factor is related to your use habits .
Use Note3: avoid tip dry, otherwise it will affect life expectancy.

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