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Company news about How To Judge The Quality Of Smoke Purifier Manufacturers

How To Judge The Quality Of Smoke Purifier Manufacturers


Latest company news about How To Judge The Quality Of Smoke Purifier Manufacturers

At present, most factories use smoke purifiers in the process of operation, so how to judge the quality of manufacturers when purchasing smoke purifiers.

1. Find out whether the manufacturer has its own brand, and some factories will sell the products in the way of OEM, so the product quality cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to choose a manufacturer with its own brand and production line to ensure the performance and quality of the selected purifier.

2. Understand the purification method of the smoke purifier. Most of the purifiers purify the smoke purifier manufacturers by absorbing and filtering. The smoke purifier absorbs the smoke and dust generated by the operation into the equipment and filters it layer by layer through the filters in the equipment, so as to achieve the purification effect. The key in the purification process is the filter screen or filter element. The better the filter element is, the better the purification effect will be.

3. To judge whether a manufacturer is good or bad, it also depends on the quality of the products produced and the later service, the purification efficiency of the smoke purifier, the operating noise, and the timeliness of after-sales service.

With the increase of environmental monitoring efforts and the development of the industrial purification industry of solder smoke purifier equipment, more and more enterprises are competing to enter this market and try to get a piece of the cake. The increase of enterprises has forced more and more competition, but also made a big difference in their prices. The quality of the imitation smoke purifier cannot be guaranteed. So, what should users pay attention to when purchasing.

1. Filter element is the main component in the smoke purifier, which determines the filtering capacity of the smoke purifier. Generally, the filter efficiency of the filter element is not less than 99.97% (0.3 μ m). HEPA is used to filter the moxibustion smoke purifier layer, and the purification efficiency reaches 99.997%.

2. The degree of automation of the intelligent control system should be high: the intelligent control system can maintain a constant flow rate according to the plugging degree and use status of the filter element. At the same time, when the filter element is blocked, an alarm will automatically sound to remind the user to replace the filter element.

3. The flow and suction of the fan should be balanced: the fan is the power system of the purifier. It should not only have the flow to form the airflow to take away the smoke and dust, but also have the suction to overcome the filter element resistance and the pipe resistance. The two should be balanced.

4. The noise and vibration should be small. The laser smoke purifier: the noise and vibration mainly come from the fan and the air flow. The volute of the fan is reasonable in structure, smooth in surface, accurate in dynamic balance of the impeller, and relatively small in noise and vibration. The purifier uses imported fans, which are characterized by large suction, low noise, and low maintenance.

5. The overall structure of the smoke purifier is reasonably designed and easy to use: a good structural design can reduce noise, prevent the filter element from being blocked prematurely, and facilitate the filter element replacement. The purifier adopts a design structure of lower air inlet and upper air outlet, and a convenient way of drawer type filter element replacement, which can meet the user’s use requirements.

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