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Company news about How To Run Soldering Programming On Our Soldering Robots?

How To Run Soldering Programming On Our Soldering Robots?


Latest company news about How To Run Soldering Programming On Our Soldering Robots?

latest company news about How To Run Soldering Programming On Our Soldering Robots?  0

Step.1 Set up the soldering wire on the soldering wire feeder.

There’s different sizes of solder wire 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm,1.6mm.. etc. The solder wire feeder in our automatic soldering machine can be used & adjusted for range 0.6~1.2mm, outside this range, it needs to be customized.Normally, we already made the soldering robot for our buyers according to their request for the specific of solder wire. If you want to use other size solder wire, you have to adjust the solder feeder, and change the feeding tube & needle. Put the solder wire on solder robot is very simple and easy, like below:

A.Put one roll of soldering wire on the holder.

B.Lift up the white handle switch, and put the solder wire onto the needle hole of the feeding tube.

C. Let the solder wire follow the front side of the 1st wheel, and back side of the 2nd wheel. See below photo.

D.Press the feed solder button until the solder wire reach the soldering robotic tip.

E.Make sure the soldering tip shape is good for the soldering dots of your product.


automatic solder feeder


Step.2 Set up the right heating temperature for your product on our heating controller.
The setting of the temperature in factory may not fit your product, please set the temperature value you want on the controller. Before soldering, it is better to test the actual temperature on solder tips.You can use Waterun-191 or Waterun-191A thermometer for the testing. For example: set 400℃
A.Let the sensor of 191 thermometer to touch soldering tip and see the actual temperature.
If the actual temperature 383℃,it means the different is 17℃.
B.Press menu “a square” key, and then press “circle” key it show the current setting.
C.Press reduce key to reduce 17℃. (It means 400℃- 17℃ equal to actual temperature.).

Step.3 Check the emergency stop if turn up.
(Press down means emergency stop.).
Step.4. Check if all the switches are open, if it is off, please turn on:
1.Power Switch
2.Feed Solder
3.Heating Controller Switch
Step.5. Wait the heating temperature reach the setting temperature.
Step.6. Choose the soldering program to start.

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