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Company news about Installation, Use And Selection Of Industrial Smoke Purifier

Installation, Use And Selection Of Industrial Smoke Purifier


Latest company news about Installation, Use And Selection Of Industrial Smoke Purifier

Industrial smoke purifier is a kind of smoke and dust purification equipment that is widely used in factories at present. How to make the smoke purifier give full play to its performance, and what small points should be paid attention to when installing and using it.

1. Smoke purifier shall be installed indoors to prevent rain erosion.

2. The smoke purifier shall be installed on a stable ground to avoid the impact of vibration during operation on the equipment.

3. The smoke purifier shall be placed vertically and shall not tilt.

4. The smoke purifier manufacturer shall regularly inspect the smoke purifier to ensure that all components are normal.

5. The dust suction pipe of the smoke purifier shall not be bent or too long.

The following aspects shall be taken into consideration when selecting the soldering smoke purifier:.

1、 The flow of tin welding smoke purifier shall be selected according to needs. The appropriate flow can absorb smoke and dust without wasting energy. Generally, wave soldering and reflow soldering equipment require large flow. For example, the power flow of ERSA in Germany requires 3000 m3/h flow of solder welding smoke purifier equipment, and the reflow welder (Hotflow3/14) requires 1000 m3/h to 1500 m3/h, The flow of manual welding is 50-100 m3/h at each smoking port, which can meet the demand. The flow of tin coating and three proofing coating shall be based on the demand of equipment, and 25% margin shall be reserved to select the purifier.

2、 Select suitable tin welding smoke purifier and moxibustion smoke purifier filter element according to the different pollutants to be purified. When electronic welding, the solders include lead, tin, copper, etc., as well as rosin, solder paste and other fluxes, so its smoke contains both fine particles of smoke and harmful steam. Therefore, HEPA filter layer for filtering smoke and dust and chemical layer for filtering harmful gas, and three proofing paint coating are required, Pollutants during dispensing and other processing are solvent volatiles, so the purification layer is mainly a chemical filter element.

3、 The operation convenience of the equipment shall be considered. Due to the requirements of laser smoke purifier for processing technology, the flow of tin welding smoke purifier shall be automatically constant. No human intervention is required after the flow is set, otherwise the flow of the purifier will gradually decrease, the smoke and dust extraction is not clean, the filter element is blocked, and the leakage of dust and harmful gas shall have the alarm prompt function.

4、 Considering the noise of the equipment, the noise generated by the tin welding smoke purifier during operation should also be considered. Generally, the noise should not exceed 60dB, otherwise the noise pollution will affect the health of the operators.

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