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Company news about Misuses Of Purifier

Misuses Of Purifier


Latest company news about Misuses Of Purifier

1. The pipeline fan discharges the polluted air directly from the indoor to the outside without filtration. The indoor environment maybe temporarily improved, but the outdoor environment is polluted. It will be checked by the environmental monitoring department.

2. Pipeline exhaust fan will discharge the cooling or heating to the outdoors during the process of talking out the indoor fume and dust, the discharged amount can be at least a few hundred cubic meters per hour and at most thousands of cubic meters, so that causing the full load operation of air conditioning equipment and wasting huge amount of electric power, but the professional fume purifier is circulated in the room.

3. Because of the long pipeline of pipeline exhaust fan, it’s motor power is quite large, generally above 5 kilowatts, however, the power consumption of professional fume purifier is generally about 80-320 watts, so it is extremely saving in electric energy.

4. All of the pipeline exhaust fan is fixed installation and can not be moved. If there is any need in station adjustment, plant repair and removal, it almost all can not be used again.

5. The ventilation effect of pipeline exhaust system is good in the initial half year of installation, usually, its ventilation effect will be greatly reduced after six month due to dust accumulated on the inner wall and can not be cleaned, at last, it not only wastes the electricity, but also the fume can not bee exhausted completely, which can cause severe damage to the staff’s body. Usually, the poisoning incidents and occupation disease are caused by this condition; if the combustible dust is accumulated on the inner wall of pipeline, it probably causes fir and explosion, so it should be highly emphasized.

6. Even if a welding station is working the pipeline exhaust system has to be operated, but the fume filtering system is not like that, which works only in the welding station, so it is convenient and energy-saving!

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