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Company news about Model Selection Of Smoke Purifier And Definition Of Environment-Friendly Filter Cotton

Model Selection Of Smoke Purifier And Definition Of Environment-Friendly Filter Cotton


Latest company news about Model Selection Of Smoke Purifier And Definition Of Environment-Friendly Filter Cotton

Environmental protection smoke purifiers are widely used. Environmental protection smoke purifiers can be used in many industries. Environmental protection smoke purifiers are playing an increasingly important role in factories, because they can help enterprises solve problems such as dust removal, smoke removal, and odor.

We should pay attention to the model and manufacturer when selecting the environmental protection smoke purifier. The reason is simple: the model of the environmental protection smoke purifier can be used more realistically, the air volume, filtering effect, noise, etc. can meet the needs of the enterprise, and the use is more consistent with the air volume and other parameter requirements. The excellent environmental protection smoke purifier manufacturers of the smoke purifier are the embodiment of their quality requirements, The high-quality smoke purifier can work more stably in a long time of operation and has a longer service life.

Model selection of environmental protection smoke purifier:.

The selection of environmental protection smoke purifier models is mainly determined by the working environment you need. Some customers always think that the greater the suction is, the better. In fact, otherwise, the greater the suction is, the greater the power consumption will be, and the noise will also increase. Therefore, the suction can be better according to the needs of the site, not the greater the better. Some customers think that the lower the filter element replacement frequency is, the better. In fact, on the premise of ensuring the suction and filtering effect, The lower the replacement frequency of the solder smoke purifier, of course, the better. However, the filter element has a rated saturation. If the amount of smoke and dust on site is larger, the faster the filter element will become ineffective and saturated, that is, the higher the replacement frequency. This is inevitable. The key depends on the environmental conditions. If the filter element is saturated and blocked without replacement, the result is that the suction force will be reduced and the filtering will be incomplete, thus polluting the environment.

The scope of filter cotton is relatively wide. Generally, the filter cotton (filter screen) refers to air filtration. According to different materials, filter cotton can be divided into four types: synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven fabric filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, and activated carbon filter cotton used in moxibustion smoke purifier.

As we all know, the air contains a lot of dust (such as dust, dust, smoke, mineral dust, sand dust, powder, etc.) particles. Because the weight of these dust particles is very light, when the flowing air acts on these dust particles, the weight of the dust particles will be offset, making these dust in a floating state. Only in a relatively closed space, when the air is relatively static, The dust will fall to the ground under the action of the earth’s gravity, which is why a thick layer of dust will be seen on the furniture and ground in a room with closed doors and windows when no one lives. The amount of dust in the air of the laser smoke purifier is related to many objective factors, such as weather conditions, seasonal changes, industrial production, mineral mining, land desertification, water and soil loss, environmental pollution, etc, It has an impact on production, product quality, environment, beauty of natural scenery and ecological balance.

Filter cotton products are generally used in the surface coating industry. They are specially designed for filtering at the end of the spray booth. They are made of high-performance hot-melt non-woven fabrics composed of fracture resistant synthetic fibers. With an increasing structure, the fiber density in the direction of pure air increases gradually, the filtering efficiency increases, and the service life is longer.

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