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Company news about Screw Fatening Robot Machine, Enhance Your Work Efficiency Greatly

Screw Fatening Robot Machine, Enhance Your Work Efficiency Greatly


Latest company news about Screw Fatening Robot Machine, Enhance Your Work Efficiency Greatly

Are you still using traditional screw locking machine? Don’t you want to improve your work efficiency and save workers costs? I think, you must be need an automatic screw fastening machine.

Automatic Screw Fastening Machine is a robotic screw locking machine, it’s able to lock your screws automatically and intelligently. This machine generally consists of a screwdriver, a screw feeder, a platform, a teaching pendant, an X axis, a Y axis and a Z axis. Users only need to put their products on the platform with a fixture, the machine will operate automatically after the program was created. This will greatly improve work efficiency and reduce workers’ costs.

Besides 3 axis machine, we also have 4 axis and 5 axis. Those machines are able to fix two screwdrivers or two screw feeders. In this way, it can lock two products at the same time, can further improve the work efficiency.

In addition, Waterun’s screw fastening robot machine has several types for your option, such as: magnetic suction type, screw drop type and vacuum suction type. Different types of machines have different locking time, the suitable screws size are also different. Each machine can save 15 program files, each file can save 99 locations. The operator can use manual positioning to do the programming. It is highly efficient and very easy to learn the operation. Our machines with alarm function for fastening missing, untightened screws, worn thread, etc. Servo motor or electric screwdriver are optional as well, both of them can adjust the torque and rotation speed freely.

If you want to learn more informations about this machine, welcome to contact with Waterun Technology Co., Ltd. Product pictures, working vedioes, product’s specifications, operation guidenlines and also products catalogue will be provided to you.

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