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Company news about Looking At The Trend From The Glue Dispenser And LED Lighting

Looking At The Trend From The Glue Dispenser And LED Lighting


Latest company news about Looking At The Trend From The Glue Dispenser And LED Lighting

With the widespread use of electronic potting glue, the use of special equipment for gluing will become more common and diversified.

At present, the level of single-component gluing technology is relatively mature and stable, and its development trend is intelligence and high precision. In ordinary automatic dispensing machines, such as part of the glue control system, the imitation technology level in mainland China has been very mature and stable, the industry competition is very fierce, the quotation is fluctuating, and even hundreds of machines and equipment already exist. It may also be that the automatic glue dispenser in mainland China is facing a situation of low accuracy, and the glue application is not very stable, some high-tech industries. When it comes to buying an automatic glue dispenser, there is no doubt that you have to look for world brands. Therefore, in terms of high precision, it is still necessary for everyone to be useful before further struggle.

When the competition in the market is fierce, only quality and considerate service can make oneself successful.

Internationally, the automatic glue dispenser that can be ordered a little, can cost hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands, which makes many manufacturers discouraged. The technical level of the two-component glue applicator in mainland China is still quite different, and the quotation is slightly lower, but the product quality still needs to be improved. With the increasing use of AB glue, the requirements of processing technology such as gluing will also be higher. The automatic dispensing machine of two-component glue coating machine is another research and development industry field with rich development potential in the automatic dispensing machine industry.

Shortly before the technological innovation of automatic glue dispenser, the demand of automatic glue dispenser market decreased and the quotation continued to decrease, which led to changes in the technical level and market orientation of the automatic glue dispenser industry in a certain period of time.

A more accurate product market positioning may give manufacturers more perspectives, in-depth product progress and development trend prospects!

First of all: the policy support in the LED lighting industry is a popular topic on the market today. It can be said that the transformation of production relations and industrial chains obtained by policy support is “prominent”. It can be said that the policy support has increased the LED lighting industry chain, and the market of the LED lighting coating industry has gradually expanded.

The requirements for LED bulbs, LED lighting energy-saving lamps, and LED lighting display screens have increased exponentially, triggering a new wave of special equipment for gluing and technological innovation.

In addition: the market is re-requiring the prospect of “re-requesting”. Some large enterprises, the early application of special equipment at the production and manufacturing level, obviously cannot meet the requirements of expanding production lines in the LED lighting energy-saving lamp industry. The replacement of automation equipment is more urgent, and it is once again required to bring “old customers” back to buy, and the rational follow-up of emerging manufacturers will trigger more orders and transaction volumes, which will further enhance the expansion of manufacturing and technological innovation of special glue coating equipment. great support.

Finally: the trend of automation application and development trend The increase in market demand drives the transformation of production relations in the market. The investment and application of automation equipment has become an inevitable development trend. The application of efficient and high-capacity intelligent production lines provides strength. The development trend of manufacturers with more aspects and high demand is immeasurable!

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