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Portable Welding Laser Fume Extractor Practical For Industrial
  • Portable Welding Laser Fume Extractor Practical For Industrial

Portable Welding Laser Fume Extractor Practical For Industrial

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Waterun
Certification CE
Model Number XL-700
Product Details
7 Layers
Systemic Flow:
750 M3/h
Filtering Efficiency:
99.97% @0.3 Micron
550 X 440 X 1060 Mm
70 Kgs
High Light: 

Portable Laser Fume Extractor


Laser Fume Extractor Industrial


Practical Portable Welding Fume Extractor

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD800 ~ 1600
Packaging Details
solder fume extractor machine 52 x 35 x 58cm 18kgs Fume Extractor Arms: 44 x 44 x 19cm
Delivery Time
3-10 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, Credit Card
Supply Ability
1000 units per month
Product Description

Industrial Dust Collector Portable Welding Fume Extractor for laser & welding equipment



Welding fume extractor is a kind of industrial environmental protection equipment, which is mostly used in arc welding, CO2 protection welding, MAG protection welding, special welding and other places of cutting and grinding, collecting clean smoke and dust. The air after purification can be directly in the room.


Product Highlight: 


Constant Airflow
Vector Control Technology
Quick Filter Replacement



Manual soldering, small solder pot, hot air heating gun gas treament, beauty salon, automatic soldering machines


 Portable Welding Laser Fume Extractor Practical For Industrial 0


Product Function:

1, Layers of different filters, clean air fasters andmore efficient; Our product combined pre-filter and HEPA filter and active carbon filter,make it easier to clean air and in a very efficient way.
2, We are using HEPA h13 degree filters, 0.3 umpollution items filter rate is 99.99%;
3, All mental material shell, durable and sturdy;
4, Using noise reduction structure design, to keep workingenvironment quiet;
5, Assembled with DC brushless motor, which will havemore stable performance and longer life;


Applications & Features:


The soldering fume extractor can effectively absorb and filter the smoke or dust generated in the soldering production process, and at the same time adsorb and filter the toxic and harmful gases and dust (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrocarbons, hydrogen compounds, etc.), and can achieve a purification rate of 99.97%, thereby preventing environmental pollution. 


1. Mainly used in dental clinic, beayty salon, laboratory, and school for air purifing and dust collecting.
2. Multilayer filtration and rapid purification
3. Noise reduction design, quiet operation.
4. Metal body structure, strong and durable.
5. High-quality alloy fan achieves great suction power.
6. DC brushless motor is stable in performance and long in service life.
7. With digital display and remote controller.
8. With alarm system, it will remind you to replace the filter in time.
9. The purification rate against 300nm pollutions is 99%.



Competitive Advantage:
Our company uses a brushless motor, compare with the ordinary motor, this motor speed is higher, lower noise, it does not require maintenance, but longer product life span. Self-developed impeller, better quality than ordinary plastic impeller, more stable, more powerful suction. The unique tiered filter design, can effectively purify the toxic and harmful substances in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon gas, sulfur dioxide..etc, and use of low cost.

Compared with the products from foreign countries, our products in terms of the effect is almost the same, but the majority of our products are less than USD2000, so our products are cost-effective, and the use of more affordable cost. The products from abroad mainly purify the viruses and bacteria as the main direction of governance. In China not only to purify viruses, bacteria, but also clean harmful smoke pollution. WHO estimates that there are over 200 million people deaths each year due to inhalation of indoor and outdoor air pollution in small particles.

1. What’s the functions for the filters?
Answers. 1) Pre-Filter/F8 pre-filter: the large-size pad filter can filter large particles of dust (according the requirement to select pre-filter or F8)
2) PP Middle Filter/Fiber glass filter: it filters the middle-size, small size particles bigger powders for prolonging the main filter's life. (according the requirement to select PP middle filter or fiber glass filter,can use both, the efficiency better.)
3) Main Filter/Active carbon: it cleans harmful particles and fumes.
4) High efficiency filter(combine middle filter and active carbon filter): it can filter about 0.3micron particles and other harmful fumes.
2. What’s the advantage compare with ducted exhaust fan?
Answer: 1. Many advantages like (1) Clean the air quality (2) energy saving (3) easy installation, flexible remove (4) low cost (5) reduce the incidence of diseases and major diseases, and health is priceless (6) to reduce unpleasant  smell (7) to reduce dust and other harmful substances, and so on.
3. What’s the life span of our fume extractor?
Answer: Motor lifetime is (continuous working 24 hours) 20,000 hours, consider environmental factors. Usually it can use 4-5 years without any problems.
4. The ducts for the fume extractor can be shortened or lengthened?
Answer: It can be shortened or lengthened appropriate; but we suggest not more than 1.5meter. For multi-station, the total pipe length should not exceed 10 meters.
5. What’s the best distance between the nozzle and the smokes?
Answer: The distance to be 5-15cm is the best.
6. How long need to to replace the pre-filter, middle filter and the main filter?
Answer: 1. Pre-filter : normally needs to replace by 1 months
             2. Middle filter: normally needs to replace by 3 months
             3. Main filter: normally needs to replace by 6 months.
7. Bent pipe will affect smoke purify?
Answer: Yes, it affect the suction power, it should reduce the bent rate.
8. Can our fume extractor completely filtered poison gas?
Answer: No, there still no any kind of filter can filter out 100% of poison gas, but you can make a different filter net rate upon request.


9. What kind of support you can get from Waterun?

Answer: 12 months trouble-free warranty and lifetime online support. Experienced technician to guarantee lifetime online support by Whatsapp/Skype/Wechat/Email/ Remote Assistant- Teamviewer. So no need to worry about the technical support due to time difference. We had been in this industry and serve oversea clients more than 19 years, we know clearly how to support best.So please rest assured about not only before-sale, but also the after-service.

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